Welcome to Habboom! The new habbo forums!

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Welcome to Habboom! The new habbo forums!

Post  .:Snow:Bunny:. on Tue Jul 28, 2009 9:15 am

Welcome to the brand new (not exactly) Habboom forums! If yooh need any help i'm sure yooh can find some by contacting me (pm) or going to the Questions board. Also check out the FAQ. Wink This is .:Snow:Bunny:. Which some of yooh probly remember from habbo. XD
I hope yooh have fun talking on the forums and check back every once in a while!
Here are some tips to help yooh on the forums: To post replys to a thread (your in a thread now but it's locked and only available to moderators.), there is a small button underneath the very last post in the thread that says "post reply". Pretty simple, huh? To start your own topic, choose a forum (example of a forum: habboom news, chat, random, etc. they are all forums.) that fits what yooh wanna say. Once yooh are in that forum, there should be a button near the top of the page (also at the bottom) that says "new topic" click that and your on your way!

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