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maii character

Post  .:Snow:Bunny:. on Mon Jul 27, 2009 3:13 pm

Razz Im in a mood for showing off lmao! So Ima type litterally EVERYTHING about maii character!

User: .:Snow:Bunny:.
Pass: WTF did yooh REALLY think i was gonna put the pass??!?

Oh Haii Durr
Motto: BeingUniqueIsNotTheSameAsBeingUgly<3
Maii Page: Ahaha click this to go to maii home page
Awesome page, huh? POPTART!
Best room: ~~The Big Tropical Wave
Maii Bar ;D
Bestie: !::Bright::! otherwise known as maddy Very Happy lmao
number of friends: somewhere over 135 XD
Other: Im a habbo guide Very Happy
I like big glasses! (as yooh can see above on my appearance pic)
My real name is Rebecka.

Ahaha tell me if thars anything more i can put Razz (except personnel info to all yooh stalkers out thar O.o)

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